Monday, August 27, 2007

A love-hate relationship (yarn review)

A public knitting photo would have been much more fun, but there is no such thing going on here. Right now I'm glad if I find some time to knit at all...
So instead I decided to do a yarn review. Of course I had to choose yarn you'd all be able to buy. Some German brand would probably not be very interesting for you. So my yarn review is about Rowan Bamboo Soft (100% bamboo, 50g = 102m/112yds).
This is a great yarn. It's so soft, it's unbelievable! Really, I've never felt yarn this soft. Unfortunately I find it quite dificult to knit with. Because of its softness it slides from your needles very easily. I knitted two hats with it so far and it almost drove me mad. I had to put eraser pieces on the end of each of the four needles to keep the yarn from slipping. Therefore knitting took way longer than it should have. Another problem is that the yarn splits quite easily and I'm also not so happy about the fact that you can wash it only by hand. Still, the softness and the variety of beautiful colors make up for the trouble. I love it way more than I hate it.

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