Monday, August 20, 2007

My Favorite Yarn (Contest Entry)

If perchance you actually read my blog or ever read the darn questionnaires we are forced to fill out for these swaps you already know what I am going to say. My work is done. There you go Cass, enter my name in the bowl. Oh wait, I am sure there are swappers here who have no idea who I am so I guess I have better go through with my long drawn out love for my favorite yarn, the love of my life.

My irony, Blue Sky Alpaca Organic or Dyed Cotton. Does anyone else in this group of fine knitters and crocheters find this hysterically funny besides me? It is my all time favorite yarn and it comes from a company with the word ALPACA in it. Something I am HIGHLY allergic too and most of you in this group would also never touch. It knits such beauty and is definitely not itchy at all like the name of the company would have you think.
Each lovely hank contains 150 luscious yards and it's gauge is 16 stitches per 4". You can use a US7 - US9 needle and it is highly suggested that you hand wash it. Each hank usually runs approx. $9.95. It is extremely soft to the hands as you knit with it and if for some reason you would have to frog a stitch or two or even a row or three (you'd never have to do that, right?) this is the easiest yarn by far that I have ever had the pleasure (yes I said pleasure) of frogging. The end products turn out just wonderful as well as you can see:

This is a baby sweater for a friend's baby due in October. Pattern is partially the 5-hour baby sweater as a leaping off point, partially my own re-write all soft and cuddly.

Try some Blue Sky Alpaca Organic or Dyed Cotton, you won't be disappointed.


ellie said...

I'm a big fan of that one too!

Cass said...

But of course! Have you knitted with the pakucho yet? I want to swatch some of it this week...