Thursday, August 30, 2007

Valuable Vegan Resources

I have printed out the Animal Ingredients List, and I think my Husband is a Vegan at soul - even if he has no idea... ;-) He is so easily grossed up by anything! :-D I am sure he wouldn't be using his shampoo anymore if he knew what he is putting on his head every morning...

Myself, I knew about the Placenta in anti-aging cream but that was about it, so imagine my surprise when I read the thirteen pages of the list... :-0

I also printed out the list of Vegan Snacks and I see that there are a lots of things that I regularly buy... So that is good, right? ;-)

For the other things (that is a lot to assimilate in just one day) I have created a shortcut to my desktop, so I can check the website anytime I wonder about something about Vegan Nutrition.

I have so much to learn...

Thanks for making those resources available here for us! :-)

Isabelle aka Tricotine

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