Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vegan Recipe Resource

While this site isn't specifically vegan, you can use Recipezaar to find vegetarian and vegan recipes along with many other categories. Need recipes that are both vegan and kosher? No problem, just turn on both filters. Don't want to see any recipes that contain nuts? Use the sifter to subtract that ingredient. Have lentils in your cupboard but you're tired of the same old soup? Look for recipes by cuisine or by course. Need to figure out how to use up that bag of wheat germ? You can search for practically anything and get good results. My current favorite search is for anything vegetarian and toddler friendly (yes, toddler friendly is an "official" category!) in an attempt to sway my finicky two-year-old. (She'd eat nothing but edamame, avocado and chocolate if I let her get away with it.) There are thousands of recipes contributed by users, and many have helpful ratings and reviews submitted by other users who have tried them. You can save anything you want to try in your cookbook for easy reference later. This has become my go-to resource whenever I need to plan a meal for a get-together or I'm just bored with my usual repertoire.

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