Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I got my package!

My pal was Cass! One of my own veganknitblogfriends and one of our lovely hostesses. You can read all the details at my blog, but here is the gist:

(click to embiggen)

I know I'm going to miss something but here is my best attempt to list everything inside:
  • A variety of yummy looking teas
  • Mulling spices (I am so making the Hot Spiced Wine recipe this weekend!)
  • A chocolate chocolate chip cookie from the Alternative Baking Company that I totally ruined my appetite with but I don't care it was di-vine
  • More chocolate! Rainforest Cacao Chocolate with Brazil nuts and coffee, I am intrigued and can't wait to try it
  • A Larabar and a Clif Nectar bar that I will stash in my desk at work for when I get the munchies
  • French vanilla incense matches (I actually got some of these in Old Sacramento when I was in high school and it brought back all kinds of memories)
  • An awesome recycled notebook that Cass made herself
  • A tall mug that probably holds 12 ounces, I looove oversized mugs and hoard them
  • A charming postcard with Beelzebub himself on it
  • A brand of lip balm I'd never come across before (Dr. Bronner's & Sun Dogs Magic organic lip balm) in the flavor Ginger Orange. Totally useful because I get dry skin/lips in the winter and always lose my chapstick.
OH AND YARNI love everything! I had a blast with this swap. Thank you SO much to Cass for being my upstream pal AND for coordinating this whole thing, and Ellie, too!

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