Monday, October 22, 2007

Thank You Robyn!!!

When my hubby got home from work today, he had my Vegan package in tow. Robyn was my spoiler and she did such a fabulous job! I had so much fun discovering all the goodies in my magic yarn ball (and laughing about the "Ellie Pooh Paper"). Seriously should have seen the look on the hubby's face when he realized what the paper had been made from. ROTFL!!!

Here's a before pic of the yarn ball:

Magic Yarn Ball (Vegan Swap)

And here's a full view after the unwrapping:

After (Vegan Swap)

Let's see, there's more "Ellie Pooh Paper" in the form of a notebook (check out the elephant funny!), a beautiful orrifice threader made by the lovely Robyn, the coolest DPN needle protecters ever, some Vanilla Sugar incense, body scrub, lip gloss, a pumice brush, a mesh scrubbie, recipe cards, tons of knitting buttons, an AntiCraft sticker, a vegan Pumpkin Spice cookie, a vegan recipe mini-mag, a tin of organic breakfast tea, and two balls of Patagonia Nature Cotton. Wow...I'm in awe! Thanks so much for putting together such a lovely and entertaining box, Robyn!

Note to hostesses: I promise to try to remember to update SwapBot first thing tomorrow! LOL Sic Cass on me if I forget. ;-)

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