Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From YowlYY!

Hi Vegan Pals! I got flaked on, but YowlYY came to the rescue and sent me these fantastic treats:

2 balls of purple Sari Print yarn, Simply Knitting magazine with a purse clasp to knit onto, and some 4.5 mm needles!

She wound 2 balls of black Rowan cotton around candy treats for the magic yarn ball:

2 chocolate bars (Green & Blacks, my fave!), some fancy cookies, mixed nuts and Oat Bakes. I love to get snack food from other countries! And it's all vegan of course!

Some pretty stitch markers in a tiny bag:

And a hand written recipe for tagliatelle with a note. Thanks so much, you're the best!


YowlYY said...

I am relieved that the parcel arrived and with everything in it, and happy that you like everything :)
The nuts are special...I discovered them in one of my fav organic stores and they're yummy ;-)

Jan-Knit said...

Isn't Yowlyy great?! I had the good fortune to have her as a pal last round. She really is an angel!!

...barbara... said...

ooo...i just heard about vegan pal and was wondering if there would be another one happening soon...i would love to partake :)

Anonymous said...

awesome!!!! I run a site a lot like yours if you would like to trade ads!
We do promotional vegan samples, then sell the bags giving some of the money to an animal sanctuary!
id love to get involved with your site as well :)