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Vegan Resources

This will grow like the questionnaire answers page.
  • Bittersweet

  • Bryanna Clark Grogan

    • I went vegan in 1990, a really long time ago--before Al Gore invented the Interwebs and before Earth Balance was a staple in 7-11s all across this great country of ours. Nowadays, there are so many great vegan resources online, a new vegan could easily go adrift just trying to decide which forum to visit on Friday night. Here's what I suggest: check out some of the great webpages written by my favorite cookbook author, Bryanna Clark Grogan. Not only does Bryanna kick ass in the recipe department (check out Nonna's Italian Kitchen and Authentic Chinese Cuisine: For the Contemporary Kitchen), but she is incredibly knowledgeable and generous. She maintains a vegan forum for new cooks on Vegsource, where she is incredibly accessible with questions and regularly shares huge files of her recipes. Along with this, she blogs and maintains another website with even more free recipe archives. If that's not enough for you, you can subscribe to her quarterly newsletter, The Vegan Feast, and get access to her subscriber only "secret-special" forum, as well as newsletters that are emailed with gazillions of recipes and color photos right to your in-box. Bryanna focuses on ethnic recipes and seitan in all sorts of wondrous forms, so if that's up your alley, let her know and she'll email you a sample newsletter for free. I love you Bryanna! - Kittee

  • Comfortably Green

    • Comfortably Green is a website I found a few weeks ago when I was researching information about vegan yarn. This website has all you need to know about making your life "GREEN". It has Dieting Organically tips, Green Parenting, Organic Gardening tips, Pest Control, etc... - Risa/Twin_number2

  • Compassionate Cooks' ‘Vegetarian Food For Thought Podcast’

    • This is a really approachable resource, even if you’re just curious. Colleen provides loads of well researched information and stories in her podcasts and doesn’t come across as too aggressive in her proselytizing. I started listening to these when I was first thinking about going vegan and found that they were both inspiring and thought provoking while managing to also communicate with a respect and gentleness that is really important when you’re questioning these sorts of things. It’s a great show to knit (or cook!) to. - pen & purl

  • (Vegan Yarns section)

    • Yarns from nettle fibers? Banana silk? Cool! I've used the Knit One, Crochet Too Recycled Cotton yarn to make a sweater for my son and really, really liked it. It's all recycled from the textile industry...neat. - Catherine

  • Food Fight Grocery

    • I don't know if I'm eligible to enter since I already won a prize but I'm gonna review Food Fight anyway. Food Fight Grocery is an all vegan store in Portland Oregon with a great website full of vegan goodness. I've ordered a couple of times from them and received excellent service. What I most looooove about this site is that they (unlike pretty much all other vegan food online stores) tell you when things contain trace amounts of dairy. This info is super duper necessary if you're a lactose intolerant vegan, like me. So what to order? If you can't get mock duck in your area you MUST order some, it's so yummy and useful for easy meals. Zapps chips are delish and sort of hard to find (at least here in MN). Food Fight also has books, zines, and personal care items, all vegan of course. - VeganCraftastic


    • This site is great! They have a vegan magazine that you can subscribe to online (and save paper), vegan books to buy as well as a great range of very funky accessories and clothing. I recently bought a ‘vegetarianism is environmentalism’ tote, some stickers and a very cool cross jogger (ie; hoodie sans hood) from them. Did have a few issues with their sizing (mainly my fault as I got all paranoid when reading that their sizes ran small on the site, so ordered larger than I would have otherwise - turned out the medium SWIMS on me) but Michelle has been really great about it and an exchange is no problem. The magazine is great too, for keeping you up to date with what’s going on out there in veg-land and has interesting features and recipes. For $15 (if memory serves) you can sign up and access all their back issues as well as the current magazines. Definitely recommend these people! - pen & purl

  • Jo Stepaniak

    • I love her columns! Helpful ideas on how to handle all sorts of everyday interactions without tons of preaching. Also good explanations to remember when explaining veganism to others. - Ellie

  • KPixie

    • K Pixie is a great small online yarn company that features many vegan yarns. They usually have at least several vegan yarns in their sale category. I know that you can get all of this yarn elsewhere but I really like the site layout and they are very nice. Some of their offerings include hemp, Blue Sky Alpacas cotton, recycled vegan sari yarn, Habu textiles which includes linen, paper, and cotton yarn, and Southwest Trading company yarn. They also have a very nice selection of books, accessories, notions and patterns. - Vegan Knitting

  • MooShoes

    • I've had nothing but good experiences with these guys. Finding fashionable non-leather shoes for work could have been a challenge, but then I found Moo Shoes. And they usually go up to my size (another challenge)! Love the Matt&Nat wallets and bags too! - Ellie

  • NW Veg

    • I joined the Vegan Pal 2 Swap because I was curious about vegan fiber choices and the people involved seemed very nice. After answering the questionnaire, I also became more curious about vegan food choices. Since I was vegetarian for a good portion of my younger adulthood, I didn't feel like a total stranger. But because I'm me, I wanted to know more.

      I do not respond well to groups that sensationalize their causes. So when I went surfing for online vegan resources, I found several to which I will not return. I was looking for information, not graphic photos of tortured animals flashing across my screen.

      One site that met my need is NW Veg. The site is informative, intelligent and didn't slap me in the face. Because it's locally run, I will be more likely to use the links and maybe even participate in the events. Their mission statement reads: We educate and empower people to make vegetarian choices for a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate world.
      NW Veg offers monthly potlucks along with guest speakers, presentations and additional local resources. There are volunteer opportunities, recipes, walks and bike rides, reading lists, a restaurant guide, and a forum to discuss issues with others from my own community.

      Here's their invitation: Portland vegetarians and vegans — and others wishing to reduce meat and dairy in your diet — welcome to Northwest VEG. We are a vegetarian educational group in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. Our vegetarian potlucks and events explore delicious vegetarian and vegan foods — and meeting other vegetarians and vegans. If our potluck happens to be your only vegetarian meal of the month, you'll be welcome, and sure to go home well fed, possibly inspired to try a new recipe.

      Pretty good deal! - Jan-Knit

  • Pangea/The Vegan Store

  • Post Punk Kitchen

    • I've also just discovered the Post Punk Kitchen. Lots of how-to, recipes and forums. It's been fun getting to look around on that site. - Megs

  • Recipezaar

    • While this site isn't specifically vegan, you can use Recipezaar to find vegetarian and vegan recipes along with many other categories. Need recipes that are both vegan and kosher? No problem, just turn on both filters. Don't want to see any recipes that contain nuts? Use the sifter to subtract that ingredient. Have lentils in your cupboard but you're tired of the same old soup? Look for recipes by cuisine or by course. Need to figure out how to use up that bag of wheat germ? You can search for practically anything and get good results. My current favorite search is for anything vegetarian and toddler friendly (yes, toddler friendly is an "official" category!) in an attempt to sway my finicky two-year-old. (She'd eat nothing but edamame, avocado and chocolate if I let her get away with it.) There are thousands of recipes contributed by users, and many have helpful ratings and reviews submitted by other users who have tried them. You can save anything you want to try in your cookbook for easy reference later. This has become my go-to resource whenever I need to plan a meal for a get-together or I'm just bored with my usual repertoire. - meg

  • Sick on Sin

    • One of my favourite places for fun t-shirts is Sick on Sin. Owned and operated in Toronto by vegan Jennifer Krebsz, the online shop sells items from t-shirts to buttons to pocket mirrors, all featuring great graphic cartoony designs. - mishka

      Here's a few of the pro-veg designs:

  • VeganEssentials

    • I've been very pleased with VeganEssentials, they have a nice selection of items and their service is excellent. Not so much in the craft category, but they've got footwear, personal care items, food, clothing, vitamins, pet supplies, etc. - Debbie/Rites of Passage

  • The Vegan Flower

    • A friend of mine has recently created an online vegan shopping resource at The Vegan Flower. She developed her blog to help those in the vegan community connect with resources they may need. She updates it frequently, along with a link to the company and a review.

      As her blog states "The purpose of this blog is not to encourage consumption, but to provide a resource to the vegan community. Please make sure to post a comment about your experiences with any stores or products featured!"

      I've discovered many new vegan/vegan-owned online shops thanks to her site!
      - mishka

  • VeganYumYum

    • Do other blogs count? I have been reading a wonderful one lately. It's Lolo does a wonderful job sharing her love of cooking and baking. I often catch myself drooling over the photos of her latest creation. She has a how-to page and some free recipes, too! - Megs

  • A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise

  • Vegan Unlimited

    • This great company is owned by two members of my local vegan group, and the website is really nicely designed. They have a great selection of vegan products in all different categories. They have expanded their site in the last year to include a blog, vegan Q&A, "Ask a vegan", and other features like a vegan resource guide. - Vegan Knitting

  • Veg Austin

    • I also found Veg Austin. For those of you who don't know me too well, I was raised in Austin and I love the city! This website is like no other. They give you a list of restaurants, groceries, bakeries, catering, and other resources for vegetarians in the Austin, Hill Country, and the surrounding areas. You can even get your own Vegetarian Starter Guide. - Risa/Twin_number2

  • Walk Slowly, Live Wildly

    • I would like to nominate I love this blog for her amazing recipes. I have tried many and all were quite delicious with readily available ingredients. I love this blog, Sara is always inspiring and thought provoking. She also has great references. I envy Sara and her families latest adventure - their "Live Lightly Tour." You must go over to her blog and read more of what Sara is all about. - Corinne (not in swap)

  • What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway?

    • A daily must-read for any vegan! The menus are beyond inspiring. Often includes recipes. Also, read their blogroll on the sidebar for tons more vegan blogs! - Ellie

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