Monday, August 27, 2007

First Contest!

Thank you all for being so prompt in posting your questionaires. That helps so much! Almost time for matches to go out! So that gives us the perfect amount of time for a contest.

This one has 2 parts, and 2 prizes.

1. Post a picture, here or at your blog, of yourself knitting in public. Be creative! Points awarded for creativity of pose, locale and composition. My mom is an artist, and I'll show all the entries to her and she'll pick the winner! You have until Monday, August 27th to enter. Please, if you post the pic on your own blog, leave a link here so I can easily find it.

2. Since not everyone has a blog, or a camera, or the will to post a pic of themselves in public, you can also win a prize for posting a review of your favorite vegan yarn. It would be ideal if you've knitted something you can show, but even if you just have it in your stash and want to review it, that's fine. Tell us why you like it, why you don't, etc. As in-depth as you can get. Details are good! From these entries, I'll put all names in a bowl and draw a winner, also open til August 27th.

You can enter both contests if you like. But if you win with your pic, I'll take your name out of the running for the other drawing, just to be fair.

Prizes include yarn and goodies, and I'll post pics as soon as the last little goody comes in the mail. And be sure to thank Jessi, as she donated some stitch markers for our prize! Thank you Jessi! Pics soon, promise.

Now go forth and take lots of creative naked knitting pictures!


Sharon said...

unless you want a hyperactive 4 year old taking the picture, I think I will go for the latter and describe my favorite vegan yarn ;-) I have a TON of those

Dawn ; ) said...

i just joined the swap and would love to join the blog too especially to get in on the contest. LOL

ellie said...

Hi Dawn - If you've signed up on swapbot you should have gotten an email from me inviting you to join the blog. If not - send me an email - deceptivelypackaged at gmail dot com

Dawn ;) said...

here is my link:

I've added a post to the blog too. ;D