Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From YowlYY!

Hi Vegan Pals! I got flaked on, but YowlYY came to the rescue and sent me these fantastic treats:

2 balls of purple Sari Print yarn, Simply Knitting magazine with a purse clasp to knit onto, and some 4.5 mm needles!

She wound 2 balls of black Rowan cotton around candy treats for the magic yarn ball:

2 chocolate bars (Green & Blacks, my fave!), some fancy cookies, mixed nuts and Oat Bakes. I love to get snack food from other countries! And it's all vegan of course!

Some pretty stitch markers in a tiny bag:

And a hand written recipe for tagliatelle with a note. Thanks so much, you're the best!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Final Check In

Hello all,

Thanks for making this such a fabulous swap! As far as I know we're down to 2 packageless swappers:
  1. Fun Spirited Girl : Angelina : Angela - sending to Cass
  2. maethebear : maethebear : maethebear - sending to coffeeandknitting
I've already had a volunteer for Cass's angel and told her to go ahead. Though I've also heard from Angelina saying she sent it, so she's looking in to what might have gone wrong.

I haven't heard from maethebear or coffeeandknitting, so I'm hesitant to call in an angel til I'm sure what's going on there. If you're still interested in being an angel, let me know and the first email I get will be it.

Thanks again everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be out of touch for a few days gorging myself on my mom's holiday spread - including seasoned pan fried seitan!


My package has arrived!

We had a little trouble communicating at first and there was some confusion about where the package should be sent (I moved part way during the swap) but I finally got it! I received some beautiful cotton yarn, a great pattern book, some delectable recipes, and so much more. Thank-you so much!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lovely package from Cainna

I got my package today from Cainna and it is gorgeous. I undid the magic ball straight away to see what was hidden in it and my cat Stripe starting sniffing the teabag frantically so he liked that bit.

Thanks Cainna!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A very belated public thank you to Jan-Knit!!

I must firstly apologise for being so late...Jan-Knit knows, of course, that something very bad happened at the end of September, and for her support she deserves all the best in life! I know from the postings going on here that there are many wonderful pals around, sending goodies, but Jan-Knit must be one of the best ever...see what she sent me:

Vegan Pal 2 - Thanks Jan-Knit!

the green bunny on its own was already a much loved surprise!! And then I started rewinding the magic ball...

Vegan Pal 2.... et voila'!

I adore everything!!
I will do a proper post on my blog, which needs urgent updating, but in the meantime virtual hugs go to Jan-Knit for this beautiful present, and congratulations to her and all those who have given a try to the veggie/vegan life, way to go girls!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pledge to be "Veg" for 30 days

Today is the end of my Pledge to be Veg for 30 days, and the news is... I am going to stick to it! :-)

Thanks for all of you for your support - and especially Jan and Cheryl for veggi-ing along with me! It was a fun journey and I feel like a brand new person! To make it short, I have resumed exercising and I have lost 10 lbs total during those thirty days! :-)

If you are curious about details, I have posted in my blog about my experience and discoveries.

At the end of my transition, this badge is my reward - along with feeling great! :-)

You can get your own badge here.

* ~ Tricotine ~ *

Thank you!!

Sending out thanks to Carla for the lovely package I got a couple of days ago.

Thank you!! Love it! I've never touched Blue Sky Cotton before so this is a real treat. :D