Thursday, August 30, 2007 & Food for Thought

This site is great! They have a vegan magazine that you can subscribe to online (and save paper), vegan books to buy as well as a great range of very funky accessories and clothing. I recently bought a 'vegetarianism is environmentalism' tote, some stickers and clothing which I'm really happy with. Did have a few issues with their sizing (mainly my fault as I got all paranoid when reading that their sizes ran small on the site, so ordered larger than I would have otherwise - turned out the medium SWIMS on me) but Michelle has been really great about it and an exchange is no problem. The magazine is great too, for keeping you up to date with what's going on out there in veg-land and has interesting features and recipes. For $15 (if memory serves) you can sign up and access all their back issues as well as the current magazines. Definitely recommend these guys. (

Also - the Compassionate Cooks 'Food for Thought' podcast. Very approachable resource, even if you're just curious. Lots of well-researched information and stories and great to knit (or cook!) to. (

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