Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Contest #2, Recommend an Online Vegan Resource

Hi Folks!
I posted this on Cake Maker to the Stars, but am reposting it here for your convenience.

I went vegan in 1990, a really long time ago--before Al Gore invented the Interwebs and before Earth Balance was a staple in 7-11s all across this great country of ours. Nowadays, there are so many great vegan resources online, a new vegan could easily go adrift just trying to decide which forum to visit on Friday night. Here's what I suggest: check out some of the great webpages written by my favorite cookbook author, Bryanna Clark Grogan. Not only does Bryanna kick ass in the recipe department (check out Nonna's Italian Kitchen and Authentic Chinese Cuisine: For the Contemporary Kitchen), but she is incredibly knowledgeable and generous. She maintains a vegan forum for new cooks on Vegsource, where she is incredibly accessible with questions and regularly shares huge files of her recipes. Along with this, she blogs and maintains another website with even more free recipe archives. If that's not enough for you, you can subscribe to her quarterly newsletter, The Vegan Feast, and get access to her subscriber only "secret-special" forum, as well as newsletters that are emailed with gazillions of recipes and color photos right to your in-box. Bryanna focuses on ethnic recipes and seitan in all sorts of wondrous forms, so if that's up your alley, let her know and she'll email you a sample newsletter for free. I love you Bryanna!


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