Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Final Check In

Hello all,

Thanks for making this such a fabulous swap! As far as I know we're down to 2 packageless swappers:
  1. Fun Spirited Girl : Angelina : Angela - sending to Cass
  2. maethebear : maethebear : maethebear - sending to coffeeandknitting
I've already had a volunteer for Cass's angel and told her to go ahead. Though I've also heard from Angelina saying she sent it, so she's looking in to what might have gone wrong.

I haven't heard from maethebear or coffeeandknitting, so I'm hesitant to call in an angel til I'm sure what's going on there. If you're still interested in being an angel, let me know and the first email I get will be it.

Thanks again everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be out of touch for a few days gorging myself on my mom's holiday spread - including seasoned pan fried seitan!



tricotine said...


My first vegetarian Thanksgiving; a true challenge! :-)

yusufyusuf said...

Nice blog...

mishka said...

I guess I didn't end up updating this last year – I was still swap packageless, despite trying many times to contact my partner :(